Frozen fans

Hello from snowy Staffordshire. I picked up this little set from a charity shop.

As you can see, they needed some real overhaul. I’ve been inspired by some decoupage work and thought it was time to try again after a stand off with the nest of tables!

I chose to go with a Disney Frozen theme. After cleaning, sanding, cleaning, priming and painting them in white I used Disney wrapping paper to cover the drawers. I put plenty of layers of glue and varnish over it to ensure it was solid, sturdy and protected.

Now on sale… ❤️


A little table

Hi everyone, this is a small project that I picked up from a charity shop yesterday. I have a couple of other things on the go and this was something I’ve been able to do while waiting for stuff to dry etc. The card table that I refinished was so successful and sold so quickly that I chose the same style. It’s now on sale. I’ll be back soon with some new projects! Take care.



Cards anyone?

Hi everyone. It was a snow day for most today. Kids got school and college closed so spent the day doing homework and studying….NOT! It was more like shovelling the drive and snowball fights.

Last week I picked up this little card table from a local charity shop.

Goodness knows where the poor thing has been standing but those wheels were badly rusted up and not budging. So, while I was finishing up with the Monks Bench (previous post) I stood the wheels in white vinegar. They started to fizz straight away and I had to change the vinegar several times because it turned to sludge.

I put a lot of thought into the refinish of this piece. I feel that it would have a very specific place in a games room or pub/bar where lighter colours would probably not fit and I didn’t think it would suit the green leather centre. So, I took a deep breath and went for Rustoleum Graphite Chalk Paint. It matches a slight grey design on the green leather mat.

I wanted to bring out some of the gold from the mat and after brushing the feet with a wire brush to shift the last of the rust I painted them in Rustoleum Gold furniture paint.

There was some slight damage to the metal wheels due to age and previous owner treatment. After oiling the wheels had full motion.


Next up…gold. I definitely needed more gold. I’ve see Rub and Buff used on many tutorials and blogs so ordered some in. I used Antique Gold on the trims and edges of the table.

More gold? Absolutely! I applied Johnstones Gold Furniture was to the whole piece.

I cleaned the leather with a leather polish and buffed the whole piece to a shine…ta da!!! Hope you love it as much as I do.

Monks Bench

Hi everyone, it’s a little chilly in my area today…

So, I’ve been busy in my tiny workshop with a Monks Bench that I picked up in my nearby Charity Shop. Here it is when I got it home.

I sanded it down and painted the piece with Rustoleum Winter Grey. I am going to leave the seat in its raw state. The Lions have been a challenge. Sanding them back then painting them in Winter Grey and sanding again. I them painted a little gold (Rustoleum) into their manes

Next I applied Johnstones Gold Furniture wax to the lions and trims.

The finished piece.


Nest so simple

Hi folks, happy Wednesday! We’ve had a forecast for heavy snow this weekend which is exciting and inconvenient….its auction weekend for me!

So, I’ve completed the nest of tables! It’s been almost traumatic at times but, to put a positive spin on it, I’ve learned a LOT.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was struggling with different toning in the wood, possibly due to uneven staining. An attempt at putting a new stain on just made the lighter patches a little darker and the dark patches even darker…, I sanded it back and went back to the drawing board. I looked online for some inspiration and decided to try a whitewash. I applied the wash and the new stain I’d put on found its way through! Another sanding, some detailed painting on the grain and…wow, I loved it and it did a perfect job. I then attempted decoupage on the smallest table – what a fail! Back to sanding and whitewashing it. It’s taken me so long to complete this project but the lessons have been invaluable. One being that if I want to try something out I should try it on scrap that can be thrown out!

Before and after:

My nest of tables

Happy Monday everyone,

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

I’m working on a nest of 3 tables at the moment and finding it a challenge in sanding the tops. Through the sanding process it is showing that the wood is quite patchy. I’ve no idea what that is about and have spent some time googling but to no avail. I need to find out if it’s the natural wood colour or if its staining thats worn in further in some area’s than others. If the latter is the case then I need to think about staining the table tops to get them even looking. I’m not a fan of gloss varnish and paints so I’ll be thinking about a matt varnish. My worry is that a varnish with colour tone will darken the dark patches more….failing that it will be back to the drawing board and potentially painting it.

I have some decoupage paper ordered and will be looking to give this a go – that could be an alternative to painting the tables if decoupage can cover the colour differences… this space.

I’ve got social media accounts that you can follow me on under relovedbylisa.

I’ve also moved onto the world of Etsy and have taken the leap of offering shipping. This is new for me but I decided that if I want to keep moving forward I’ve got to move out of my comfort zone.

Vintage chairs

Hi everyone

I’ve been working to a couple of chairs that I picked up from a local charity shop. The quality of the chairs were obvious, they just needed some TLC. I sanded them back to bare wood and painted the legs with chalk paint.  I used a clear matt varnish on the wood to keep it protected.  Next was the upholstery! I have never done this before so was a little nervous.  I picked up some chintz cotton from a local material suppliers.  Hey presto…what do you think? I’m putting them up for sale and will edit the post when they sell!