Hi everyone. It was a snow day for most today. Kids got school and college closed so spent the day doing homework and studying….NOT! It was more like shovelling the drive and snowball fights.

Last week I picked up this little card table from a local charity shop.

Goodness knows where the poor thing has been standing but those wheels were badly rusted up and not budging. So, while I was finishing up with the Monks Bench (previous post) I stood the wheels in white vinegar. They started to fizz straight away and I had to change the vinegar several times because it turned to sludge.

I put a lot of thought into the refinish of this piece. I feel that it would have a very specific place in a games room or pub/bar where lighter colours would probably not fit and I didn’t think it would suit the green leather centre. So, I took a deep breath and went for Rustoleum Graphite Chalk Paint. It matches a slight grey design on the green leather mat.

I wanted to bring out some of the gold from the mat and after brushing the feet with a wire brush to shift the last of the rust I painted them in Rustoleum Gold furniture paint.

There was some slight damage to the metal wheels due to age and previous owner treatment. After oiling the wheels had full motion.


Next up…gold. I definitely needed more gold. I’ve see Rub and Buff used on many tutorials and blogs so ordered some in. I used Antique Gold on the trims and edges of the table.

More gold? Absolutely! I applied Johnstones Gold Furniture was to the whole piece.

I cleaned the leather with a leather polish and buffed the whole piece to a shine…ta da!!! Hope you love it as much as I do.


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