Hi folks, happy Wednesday! We’ve had a forecast for heavy snow this weekend which is exciting and inconvenient….its auction weekend for me!

So, I’ve completed the nest of tables! It’s been almost traumatic at times but, to put a positive spin on it, I’ve learned a LOT.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was struggling with different toning in the wood, possibly due to uneven staining. An attempt at putting a new stain on just made the lighter patches a little darker and the dark patches even darker…..so, I sanded it back and went back to the drawing board. I looked online for some inspiration and decided to try a whitewash. I applied the wash and the new stain I’d put on found its way through! Another sanding, some detailed painting on the grain and…wow, I loved it and it did a perfect job. I then attempted decoupage on the smallest table – what a fail! Back to sanding and whitewashing it. It’s taken me so long to complete this project but the lessons have been invaluable. One being that if I want to try something out I should try it on scrap that can be thrown out!

Before and after:


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