Happy Monday everyone,

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

I’m working on a nest of 3 tables at the moment and finding it a challenge in sanding the tops. Through the sanding process it is showing that the wood is quite patchy. I’ve no idea what that is about and have spent some time googling but to no avail. I need to find out if it’s the natural wood colour or if its staining thats worn in further in some area’s than others. If the latter is the case then I need to think about staining the table tops to get them even looking. I’m not a fan of gloss varnish and paints so I’ll be thinking about a matt varnish. My worry is that a varnish with colour tone will darken the dark patches more….failing that it will be back to the drawing board and potentially painting it.

I have some decoupage paper ordered and will be looking to give this a go – that could be an alternative to painting the tables if decoupage can cover the colour differences…..watch this space.

I’ve got social media accounts that you can follow me on under relovedbylisa.

I’ve also moved onto the world of Etsy and have taken the leap of offering shipping. This is new for me but I decided that if I want to keep moving forward I’ve got to move out of my comfort zone.


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